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We specialise in wayfinding and architectural signage solutions for the public and private sectors.

Modulex offers the best architectural signage, wayfinding plans, sustainable signage systems, and bespoke/custom solutions. Our team can recommend versatile, eco-friendly products with significantly less carbon footprint – Etronit and GreenBond™. The Modulex difference is that we can handle your entire project, from wayfinding to the final installation of your signage solution – all under one roof. We take a holistic approach to every project, ensuring that every element of your signage system works seamlessly together to create a cohesive and impactful experience for your visitors.

Using our cloud-based project management software, eModulex, we provide end-to-end project oversight and ensure that your project is accessibility compliant, on brand, on time, and budget. Whether you’re looking for a simple wayfinding solution or a complex architectural signage system, Modulex has the expertise and resources to deliver results that exceed your expectations.



Wayfinding involves a comprehensive process that begins with understanding the users and their needs. User definition is the initial step, where we analyse the demographics, behaviors, and expectations of the target audience. Following this, user journeys are mapped to identify the typical paths and decision points individuals encounter within a space. This analysis informs the subsequent stage of sign planning, where the strategic placement of signage and navigation elements is determined to guide users effectively. Sign design is the creative aspect, involving the development of visually impactful and coherent signage solutions that align with the overall design aesthetic and fulfill the functional requirements. Lastly, cost considerations come into play, encompassing the budgeting and selection of materials and manufacturing processes. Our approach ensures a seamless and user-friendly wayfinding experience, balancing functionality with aesthetically pleasing design within the defined budget constraints.

Below are sample extracts from a typical wayfinding project case study.
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Extracts from the Design Book
For a full case study kindly email us at:


Extract from the installation manual
For a full case study kindly email us at:

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