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Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Golden Sands

This was a major project for UUX, employing over 1200 signs installed across the site. From back of house operational signs - in the kitchens, the offices and back corridors, to guest signs in the rooms, guest corridors, meeting rooms, electronic signs, signs in the spa and gym, exterior signs for pool info, directional information and all the way out to the imposing main entrance sign - a 3.6m monolith that grandly announces you've arrived!

The project took nearly 18 months to develop; from initial plans through numerous design variations to the eventual sign scheme. Installation was done with the assistance of Principle Italy's experienced team - along with our guys in Malta. The signs are still there, 13 years later, helping guests find their way around. A testament to the high manufacturing standards and the signs ability to withstand the elements - we have not had to replace a single sign due to environmental wear and tear!


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