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Palazzo Falson, Mdina

Palazzo Falson, formerly known as Palazzo Cumbo-Navarra, Casa dei Castelletti, and the Norman House, is a medieval townhouse in Mdina, Malta. We were asked to develop a wayfinding plan and visitor experience. With the help of Modulex Infinity we were able to create a modern sign system that was in contrast to the ancient house, thereby establishing a clear and efficient way for visitors to know where and how they were finding their way around.

We worked with the client to develop the sign design - in 5 languages!

We were able to integrate the interactive audio guide beacons into the sign panel as well.

At the entrance, we provided the imposing free-standing totem to help both orientate the use and brand the site. It helps to establish in the user's mind the form and look of the signage - we call it imprinting.


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