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Advocate's Offices, Valletta

GVTH, now GVZH, are based in Valletta - in a sprawling set of chambers typical of the area, spread over 2 buildings with a variance in height and floors; One building is 4 floors, the other 6 and they meet at different floor levels - as you cross the threshold you go from level 1 to level 0. It was confusing to say the least. We developed a wayfinding strategy to help make sense of the layout, and provided a modern take on legal branding in the form of Modulex Infinity.

The initial sign plan was done in 2006, and recently updated with Modulex Messenger - this allowed us to keep a number of the sign elements from the original installation, but update to meet new requirements. This goes to show that Modulex signs really are an investment that can last many years, and pay dividends too.


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